How Modern Tech has Contributed to Better Daily Life

by Mohan Raj


In today's world, we use technology for a great deal of things. What's more, there are numerous effects of technology on human life; one of the main areas where technology has an impact is in the education system, and another is in the medical industry. In the education system, technology has enhanced the way knowledge has been passed on to students and also assisted in expanding their academic horizons.

Through the aid of technology, users have unrestricted access to knowledge regardless of time and place. The Internet interfaces individuals, accordingly it very well may be used as a device for knowledge. In web clients, all that has to be done is just enter the specific information into search engines and that will unveil a huge number of search results. With technology, students nowadays focus more on problem solving rather than memorising the process.


The medical industry has also come a long way with the involvement of improving technology. Digitization of medical records has improved the proficiency and conveyance of healthcare services to remote areas which were not previously accessible. Being able to accumulate lab results, records of vital signs and other critical patient data into one centralized area has transformed the level of care and efficiency a patient can expect to receive when they enter the healthcare system. With this big database of healthcare records healthcare personnel can now give more accurate diagnosis and recommended treatments faster.

Patients can go over to any hospital and their medical records can be accessed in an instant. People can also track their vitals anywhere with the help of technology as we now have in built sensors in handheld devices such as our mobile phones and smart watches. This helps people track their health and also adds on the already vast database of information in the medical database.


Technology has changed the way life is lived. The growth of technology has been exponential in the last decade. Technology has become a big part of our lives, and many would say we couldn’t live without it. With all the advancements technology has brought into our lives is it still possible to uphold moral ethics?