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Hello, future intern!

We love welcoming new talent here at ADI-Designs - you bring new skills and perspectives to our team, and that allows us to expand our creative boundaries. Your fresh-faced youth, enthusiasm and passion brings energy to our group, and we break out of the box more when you’re here.

As an intern, you’ll be exposed to our entire work flow. From the initial meetings and conceptualization of ideas, to the creation of final prototypes, user acceptance testing and handovers, you’ll see what it’s like to be a product designer from head to toe. You’ll learn first-hand from our founder and principal designer, Leo, about what the industry is like and about how to navigate it; you’ll get your hands dirty with our workshop’s tools and our deliverables.

To that end, if we sound like the kind of team you're interested in joining, do check out the open internships below!


Electronics Engineering intern

You'll design the guts and innards of the robotics and smart products we will build.


Product Design intern

You’ll create new products and improve on old ones.


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