Electronic Engineering intern

As an Electronics Engineering intern with ADI-Designs, you'll design the guts and innards of the robotics and smart products that we build, and subsequently prototype them in-house.

You'll be working closely with product designers, roboticists, senior mechatronics engineers, and clients themselves to build brilliant prototypes like security robots, med-tech sensor systems, factory automated logistics robots, flying vehicles, and voice-activated AIs for smart-home systems.

You'll oversee the product journey from inception to prototyping, and potentially mass manufacturing. In addition to the technology we're equipped with, we offer localised, on-the-job training to ensure you are well-equipped with all the skills relevant to your work. You'll learn design thinking. 3D modeling, and other design-related skillsets - we'll groom you into a world-class, all-rounded robotics engineering designer.

Product design intern

At ADI-Designs, you'll design and create a broad variety of items, ranging from everyday products (such as mobile phones, household appliances, or toys) to large-scale projects (such as industrial tools, equipment and machinery). The Product and Service Designer specialises in producing particular kinds of products, such as appliances, medical equipment, automotive products, toys, etc.

You won’t simply be improving or making adjustments on existing products in terms of functionality or visual appeal; rather, you’ll be creating entirely new products to be manufactured. You'll work closely with engineers, model-makers, and sales, along with other skilled professionals, to create final deliverables for our clients.