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Hello to you, future colleague and friend!

At ADI-Designs, we focus on making stuff. We came to life because our founder, Leo, wanted to help other people make the stuff of their dreams. He wanted to make stuff that was fun, or stuff that could help, or stuff that made people think, so he found some people that could help make more stuff, and better.

Our team is diversified across multiple fields of expertise - from mechatronics to biology, from fabric crafts to woodworking, and from digital to hardware. We learn constantly about new topics in every day and every project. Mostly importantly, we're passionate, curious, and octane; we're humourous, compassionate, and thoughtful.

That said, we're always looking for people to help us make our stuff even better - so if you think we're the kind of people you're looking for, check out the open positions below.


Electronics Engineer

You'll design the guts and innards of the robotics and smart products we will build.


Product Designer

You’ll create new products and improve on old ones.


Have a question?

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