Careers: Electronics Engineering Intern


Are you sitting in class wondering where your passion has gone? Have the routine lectures and labs sucked the joy out of electronics for you?

Before you switch careers into business management or finance, give it one last try with us :)

As an electronics engineering intern with us, we’ll ask you to work alongside our full-time designers and engineers, and we ask you to apply the muscle memory you’ve learned in school in ways you didn’t think you’d ever use them in. We’ll ask you to take design considerations into account while you’re producing circuit boards, and to do that oftentimes we’ll ask you to break out of traditional moulds and come up with innovative solutions. We don’t care how unconventional your methods are as long as they work.

You’ll work on new projects never seen before in the market, design the guts of robotics and smart products that we build, and subsequently assist in prototyping them with in-house methods. You’ll work closely with product designers, roboticists, senior mechatronics engineers, clients, and end users to build brilliant prototypes like security robots, med-tech sensor systems, factory automated logistics robots, flying vehicles, and voice-activated AIs for smart-home systems.

You’ll observe the product journey from inception to prototyping, and potentially mass manufacturing. In addition to the technology we’re equipped with, we offer on-the-job training to ensure you are well-equipped with all the skills relevant to your work. You'll learn design thinking, 3D modeling, and other design-related skillsets - we'll groom you into a world-class, all-rounded engineering designer.



To work with us, your most vital traits are a willingness to learn and be criticised. In reference to the following skills, simply tell us what you’ve learned before; we can teach you most other things on the job. We’re not expecting you to already know how to design, or mechanical engineering, or manufacturing methods - these are all things you’ll be exposed to while with us, and things that you’ll learn to work with while with us :)


Electronics PCB design skills (Eagle, Altium, KiCAD)

Knowhow in analog and digital electronic systems design

Microprocessor programming (Arduino C, C++)

Excitement towards design

Fast learner, adaptable, flexible

Highly Regarded

Language skills

Experience with Unity

Experience with Java Android programming

Experience with Solidworks




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Singapore 408538

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