Commissions Programme


This is a commissions programme aimed at boosting ADI’s project numbers by rewarding those who help us refer and close projects. It serves to make our policies clear regarding commissions, and to extend the opportunity to anyone who could use the extra cash.

Commissions and referrals are different – commissions involve a much higher rate of return (5-10% of project value) and as such, members in the commissions programme are expected to participate in the sales process as well as assist in closing projects for us. This also means a more in-depth training regarding the work we do.

Commissions are paid for in installations that are parallel to the payment installations of the project, and hinge upon the longevity of the project as well. An example of a commission payment schedule follows:



Please note as well that commissions are based on service fee, not the Bill of Materials. For instance, a project with a service fee of 100,000 SGD and a Bill of Materials of 30,000 SGD will have a commission of 10,000 SGD for a 10% commission fee. This is because ADI does not profit from the Bill of Materials.


All members of the public are eligible for this programme, but must apply first with ADI as per the following process. We maintain a database of potential commission agents who are then free to refer projects to us at will. Please note that only individuals qualify for this programme.

Reward Policy

Project size is based only on service fee and will not include Bill of Materials or added costs from engaging external experts for specific projects. Please note that commissions can only be claimed once per client.


Thank you for your interest in our commission programme! We believe that it’s a programme that benefits everyone that participates – we get projects, and you get paid! The overarching application for the programme is as follows:

Members will need to fill out a form to register for the programme. This will place members on our list of potential members. Subsequently, all new members will need to undergo a free 2-hour training about ADI’s products and services, and will be armed with a packet containing the following:

  1. General ADI name cards, for distribution
  2. A thumb drive containing our portfolio and other relevant information
  3. Contact information of a Sales & Accounts Manager, who will serve as their contact at ADI and who will be responsible for any referrals that come from you.

Finally, all potential commission agents will need to shadow our internal sales team for at least 5 different sales projects, during which you will closely learn about the procedures for closing sales with us. You will then execute two complete sales items on your own before being approved!


Upcoming Training Dates





Wed June 2, 2021 6PM – 8PM Online
Wed July 7, 2021 6PM – 8PM Online
Wed August 4, 2021 6PM – 8PM Online
Wed September 1, 2021 6PM – 8PM Online



Difference between Referral and Commission Programmes




For any queries, please contact our Head of Operations as follows:

Head of Operations

Evelyn Goh


+65 8886 4937


[email protected]