We designed and developed an experimental Massaging Robot as a next generation of the massage chair.

This massaging robot scans the user’s body contour, and then pans up and down the body to deliver the Humanoid-Touch™ Massage, controllable via our custom-built App. We implemented a kneading, rolling, and acupressure styles of massages.

Project Shiok


We designed and developed an AGV that utilizes Mixed-Reality Technology to navigate through the building, and scan it’s dimension, structural integrity, and quality of the construction via sensor fusion consisting of LIDAR, 3D camera, and VR/AR-enabled AI.


output-onlinepngtools (13).png

This 2015 installation required us to program and build two robotic hands with the ability to play chess 24/7, which has been displayed in Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, and Croatia.

The Mechanical Turk

output-onlinepngtools (14).png

This robotic kit was designed and developed by our company for a capstone module in SUTD that has been running for 4 years.

All the parts are hackable, reprogrammable, extensible, and modular. This allows students to expand it into different types of use-cases according to their brief.


Roll-E Hackable Bot