Business Support

Business Support

Every project needs an element of support for their business. Whether related to product success, product branding and marketing, finance and grants, or intellectual property, let us help you ensure that your project has the relevant foundational support for it.

Make sure that all aspects are covered.



Finance and Grants (the Enterprise Development Grant)

The Enterprise Development Grant is often utilised by Singaporean SMEs for product design and development. We can help you apply for it.


Product Path Planning

We take your idea, concepts, and IP and we sit down and fully plan a path forward for it. We think about the areas that need experimentation and validation, and plan for that; we think about the scope of the design (aesthetic? Function and integration? Business flow? User flow?).


Intellectual Property Applications

We help you write up and generate figures for the invention disclosures needed to file for a patent application, working closely with attorneys of either your choosing or our recommendation.


Product Branding and Marketing

A good product needs good branding, and it should reflect the company’s visions as it attracts the kind of clients you want. Subsequently, the marketing strategies to be deployed should also successfully allow the product to penetrate the market.