Enterprise Development Grant (EDG)

Enterprise Development Grant

As part of our work, ADI has worked with many teams to procure over S$1M in EDG funds through strong proposals. We work closely with our client’s team – the project lead, finance representatives, marketing representatives, and sometimes the directors themselves – to ensure that the proposal produced has the highest possible chance of succeeding.

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Many of our clients tap into the Enterprise Development Grant to get their projects off the ground, and in turn, Enterprise Singapore demands several levels of accountability in terms of project execution. Submitted proposals and applications are scrutinised heavily, and regular updates are encouraged to ensure that the project is being followed through to completion.

Engaging us can be suitable for those clients who expect their projects to be more complicated.


Process Overview

The image below summarises the entire process, with an emphasis on the the application process. It’s best to speak directly to your advisor from SME Centre to understand this process. Alternatively, please feel free to contact us for help.



How can we help?

ADI provides grant application consultancy and assistance. In this section, we co-design the product development plan and timeline alongside our clients and ensure that the plan incorporates risk management as well. On top of the application itself, the proposal also provides the following added benefits:

  • General project plan to be followed and referenced to, even with other vendors
    • Overview of project
    • Breakdown and descriptions of all sections, including necessary client requirements, deliverables, time taken, investments, resources, and recommended setup plans
  • Research into the project, including competitive products and patents, target audiences, and relevant technology (direct or indirect)
  • If relevant, considerations such as safety, standards, and additional R&D for concept validation
  • Addressing of design and/or engineering challenges
  • A summary of projected costs for the entire project
  • Outline of options and pathways (if necessary)



Timeline 3 weeks Talk to us
Investment S$4,000


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