Design and Tech Consultancy

Design and Tech Consultancy

Product design and development is expensive – especially in industries like medtech, which is chock full of standards and regulations. Sometimes clients need a quick verification before they sink any kind of money into their concept, or they have someone new doing their design and want expert verification. Here’s where this service comes into play.

Use our expertise to ascertain the path forward.



Need an idea? Conceptualisation can include visual/design conceptualisation, which includes aesthetics and CMF, UI/UX, form and ergonomics, and engineering conceptualisation, which can include systems, electronics, mechanics, and prototyping.


    Technology Transfer

    Productise your research, find knowledge from other disciplines, and integrate everything together seamlessly.


    Technology Exploration/Validation

    For a given concept, a level of exploration (components, materials, methods, mechanics) to ensure proof of concept before full design and development.


    Risk Analysis and Management

    Analysis and scoring of risk for relevant projects, and recommendations for regulating and managing associated risks.