Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer

Made something awesome and want to take it to market? Have a technology that you’re not sure how to productise? Want to get involved in cross-discipline products but lack the expertise? Our Tech Transfer modules allow people from all walks of life – researchers, tech/patent owners, industry leaders – to explore a wide variety of ways your specific research, technology, or IP can be used.

Upend your industry with knowledge from another. 


Say you’re a researcher, working in either a public institution or a privately-owned effort, and your team has recently made a breakthrough in your research. It has been replicated and validated, and you are reasonably sure that it can really make a difference. The problem is that your research takes the form of a mess on all your desks, and you need to bridge the gap between your desks and your potential users. Who can take care of that? How do other people do it? How does it even work?

Well, that’s what this module is for.

If your research shows that a drug is effective, we work with you to find a method of delivery that works.

If your prototyping shows that there is a new way of making tiny jumping robots that make them lighter and faster and better, we work with you to develop robotic products that are useful and appealing.

Whatever it is you have, let us help you translate it from your bench to the market.


What it involves

The specifics vary from project to project, but can include any of the following:

  • User/market analysis, testing, validation and assessing of market potential
  • Analysis of competitor products, technology, and IP
  • Product positioning
  • Product design and development
  • Product testing with potential users (Live Labs to obtain feedback on product, and subsequent adjustments)
  • Product branding and initial marketing strategy
  • Options for where your product can go (e.g., creation of startups, licensing of technology)
  • Options for securing funding (e.g., investing/VCs, grants)
  • Discussion of how this productisation can benefit the institution, researchers, and developers, and create a forward-paying cycle for future innovations


Tell us more about your project, and we’ll tell you more about how we can help you!


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