Our R&D department tackles design challenges, validates core technologies, and establishes and proves concepts and principles. We do our best to establish design challenges that need to be addressed, then apply various principles, concepts, and solutions to those challenges.

Research, explore, prototype. Repeat. 


Problem Definition

Determination of root cause of problems for product design and development – identify and explain core issues and impact it may have on future progress.


Complex Problems

ADI specialises in picking up the ‘leftover’ problems that others can’t solve. Whether in design or engineering, talk to us about difficult prompts or questions that don’t already have solutions, or that only have incomplete attempts at resolution.


Solution Exploration

Exploration of potential solutions for a specific prompt or problem. Often combined with any of the four following modules to laser in on a specific solution for development.



Set up and execute tests of all kinds. Gather and aggregate data sets. Analyse results, get statistics and conclusions, and plan next steps based on results.


Live Labs – User Testing and Involvement

Work with target end users to get feedback on all aspects of design, including the product branding, form and aesthetic exploration, electronics and mechanisms, and potential design options.