Apps and Interfaces

Apps and Interfaces

In an increasingly digitised world, we find that using apps and digital interfaces has become the norm. Good application/interface design, UI, and UX therefore becomes incredibly important, and ADI strives to provide that in-house service as well. We’re not ashamed of using available shortcuts, resources, and platforms to give you an app.

Would you like some fries an app or an interface to go with that?


We know applications are expensive. Interfaces too. Digital work is increasing in demand, and we find that more people are beginning to look for this service but also find that they can be really expensive. An application that is built from scratch can cost several hundreds of thousands of dollars, and a lot of us just don’t have that kind of money. To meet client needs, we offer app design and development with a catch: we take shortcuts to keep things affordable.

Existing platforms like Thunkable and Unity provide an incredible wealth of assets to work with for most IoT functions and designs, and the proliferation of websites such as Github, Quora, and Reddit allow us to search for code blocks, solutions to problems, and potential workarounds without spending extra time (and extra money) on it. We just integrate all of this, and you can have an app hooked up to your product for a fraction of the price.

Clients who need a more in-depth application later on often use our service for an initial prototype as well. This prototype can be used for testing and validation and shown to investors as a PoC, and for clients who will be moving onto the next stage, we have a wealth of partners that can rebuild the apps from scratch according to your specifications.


What can you expect from us?

A functional app with some consideration for aesthetics, limited only by the workability of existing platforms such as Thunkable.

  • IoT Connectivity: most common pairings via BLE and Wi-Fi. 5G is workable but often more expensive.
  • Data storage: most often executed on Firebase or AWS.
  • Processing: the app can gather raw data, process it, and allow viewing of both raw and processed data.
  • Accounts: the apps can allow the creation of user accounts. Storage of user data as above in Firebase or AWS.
  • Marketing: the apps allow the linkage of marketing tools, including social media.

For custom assets, this service can also be paired with our Visuals module.

We note as well that we do not work on software-only projects. For this, we will redirect you to one of our trustworthy partners based on your needs!


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