Our Process

Electronics Engineering

Design electronic systems, source for components, design PCBs, and ensure that files are neat, clear, and ready for manufacture. Whether analogue or digital, consumer or industrial, embedded systems or power electronics, we work to implement and apply theoretical principles and algorithms into bringing things to life.

Make your stuff work for you.


  1. Design electronic system architecture based on project requirements, and ascertaining level of difficulty of project.
  2. PCB design and manufacture, including selection and optimisation of components, in multiple iterations. Solder and connect all components to PCBs.
  3. Develop complete electronic systems based on the architecture designed. Connect all components and parts. Ensure that all necessary aspects match and that the electronic system works and is optimised.
  4. Develop necessary connected code for relevant systems and for various modules. Working alongside programmers to ensure code is seamless and executed flawlessly.
  5. Provide front-line technical support to clients for ADI’s prototypes that are undergoing testing, including identifying and fixing detects, reviewing and updating necessary components if needed, and supporting system.


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