Our Process


Design packaging that reflects both the product inside and the company that produces it. We ensure the brand message is communicated and executed well with this design, and follow a smaller version of the same process that we use in all our projects to ensure great execution of works.

Pretty on the inside, pretty on the outside.



Explore various aspects of package design, including form factor, aesthetics, and CMF.

  1. Sketches produced alongside the visual designs of the packaging, which will include logo and text placement.
  2. Production of 3D renderings of the packaging

We’ll work with you to get your feedback about the packaging material and design as we go along, to ensure that it falls within all your requirements.


We produce a version of the packaging for development in-house to ensure it looks the way we want it to look and works the way we want it to work. At the same time, we make sure that our visual designs show up well on the packaging as well.

As with the DFM for the product itself, we will work with the relevant manufacturers for the packaging in order to ensure that the packaging can be manufactured with their methods.


Make a great first impression on your customers

Design with us