Electronics Engineering Intern

Posted on 28/12/20

Design and prototype electronic parallels of the products we build.

Available Internship Period:

June 2021 – December 2021

January 2022 – December 2022

To Apply:

Please send the following materials to [email protected] (Evelyn Goh) with the title Application to Project Manager Position.

  1. Your most recent resumé/CV
  2. A copy of your portfolio, which should contain some sample code of any project you’ve written, with a brief explanation of said project.

We’re looking for a bright, curious, efficient electronics engineering student to assist us in designing the electronic parallels of the products we build and design, and subsequently work at prototyping them in-house as well. Work closely with designers, mechanical engineers, prototypers, and clients themselves to automate and power a wide variety of products, ranging from security robots to med-tech sensor systems.

Learn to design electronic systems, source for components, design PCBs, and ensure that files are neat, clear, and ready for manufacture. At ADI, we generally don’t insist on things being technically correct, or “done the right way” – everything we do is new, and with almost every project you’ll find yourself having to learn new skills regardless. We want someone who learns fast and can apply what they’ve learnt immediately – someone who gets excited and passionate about all things electronics, and who doesn’t mind “hacking” through layers of difficulty to make things work and get things done.

Localised, on-the-job training will be provided to ensure you learn what you want to learn. On top of that, you’ll be exposed to elements of design thinking, modeling, and other design, engineering, and manufacturing related skillsets – we’ll groom you into a world-class, all-rounded electronics design engineer.

  1. Assist in designing electronic system architecture based on project requirements and ascertaining level of difficulty of project.
  2. Assist in PCB design and manufacture, including selection and optimisation of components, in multiple iterations. Solder and connect all components to PCBs.
  3. Assist in developing complete electronic systems based on the architecture designed. Connect all components and parts. Ensure that all necessary aspects match and that the electronic system works and is optimised.
  4. Assist in troubleshooting any errors and fixing issues on the spot.
  5. Assist in developing necessary connected code for relevant systems and for various modules, including Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Working alongside programmers to ensure code is seamless and executed flawlessly.
  6. Assist in providing front-line technical support to clients for ADI’s prototypes that are undergoing testing, including identifying and fixing detects, reviewing and updating necessary components if needed, and supporting system.
  7. Assist in generating high-quality technical documentation for both clients
  1. In general
    1. Resourceful: know how to use available online resources (Google, Github, etc.) to build on existing infrastructure and methods to get things done quickly rather than building from scratch.
    2. Fast learner, adaptable, flexible. Ability to meet deadlines while working on projects.
    3. Attention to detail. End user oriented. High expectations of your work and yourself, and similarly, high expectations of those you work with, including clients.
    4. Great communication skills – straightforward and honest, but tactful.
    5. Clean, maintainable documentation, code, etc.
    6. Ability to work under pressure for some projects, with tight timelines and milestones and potentially demanding clients. Ability to work closely with teammates to realise projects as best as we can.
  2. Able to quickly whip up rapid electronic proof-of-concepts
  3. Some interest/ability in electronics and PCB design.
  4. Some interest or familiarity with firmware and execution
  5. Some interest or familiarity with interface programming.