Finance/Procurement Manager

Posted on 21/01/21

As a finance/procurement manager with ADI, you’ll be responsible for managing and reporting financial information. As one of the most crucial and dynamic roles on our team, your role will come with a multitude of responsibilities, some of which may be unexpected! As we are a smaller team, we do not yet require full-fledged bookkeeping and accounting – as such, this role is merged with other similar roles that we require filled, including project finance management and procurement. We’ll ask you to do the basics – prepare balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and other financial reports; analyse trends, costs, revenues, financial commitments, and obligations; assist in predicting future revenues and expenses; report the state of our finances to management and offer suggestions about resource utilisation – but at the same time, we’ll also ask you to oversee and supervise project budgets, direct and advise our team on budget use and optimisation, and be the person in charge of procurement matters.

We recognise that this is a unique role that combines the responsibilities of several different positions; we emphasise deeply that although we are asking for basic accounting capabilities, on-the-job training will be provided as well. We are looking for a team member who we can train initially and can grow with us subsequently – if this sounds like you, we’re looking forward to hearing from you soon!

To Apply:

Please send the following materials to [email protected] (Evelyn Goh) with the title Application to Project Manager Position.

  1. Your most recent resumé/CV
  2. A copy of your portfolio, which should contain some sample code of any project you’ve written, with a brief explanation of said project.
  1. Ensure timely, accurate month-end closing and financial reporting, including balance sheet, profit and loss statements, asset and liability statements, etc.
  2. Prepare and close monthly and annual financial statements. Research and analyse accounting data and make recommendations.
  3. Responsible for accounting processes and tasks
  4. Coordinate and liaise with external financial parties (such as corporate secretarial agents and local tax/government authorities)
  5. Support and ensure compliance with all finance filing requirements and tax filing requirements (GST, etc.), audits, procedures, and forms
  6. Assist in new system implementation when required.
  7. Assist in project budget compilation, reconciliation, and management.
  8. Oversee our procurement system and process.
  1. Bachelor’s degree in accounting/corporate finance/taxes, or relevant experience.
  2. Familiarity with accounting skills, concepts, methods, and local laws and legislation.
  3. Excellent reporting and communication both verbally and in the written form – clear, succinct, no-nonsense reporting of accounts, finances, and budget
  4. Confidence in self and skills; able to make appropriate recommendations; unafraid to speak up on finance direction when needed.
  5. High attention to detail; results-oriented; sensitive to deadlines and confidentiality requirements. Time management and data entry capabilities highly preferred.Experience preferred but not required; fresh graduates are welcome to apply! As mentioned, we are looking for someone to stay with us long-term, who grows with us as we grow too!