Marketing Designer

Posted on 28/12/20

We’re looking for a fun-loving, enthusiastic marketing designer to assist us in our marketing, branding, and business development efforts via creative ideas and efforts! You’ll be developing and implementing marketing strategies, and will be tasked with collecting both quantitative and qualitative data from the campaigns you’ve designed.

You’ll observe our close-knit team and our wide variety of design and tech projects, and convert those into content – specifically, however, we are looking for content that is valuable to our audience. Although regular engagement is important, we won’t ever expect you to sacrifice quality for quantity. We want to wow the audience with all the work we put out – even if that means putting out content less than the ‘desired amount’.

Your experience in marketing will tell us what’s standard. Help us exceed that, and help us bring our work, principles, and fun to the public!

To Apply:

Please send the following materials to [email protected] (Evelyn Goh) with the title Application to Project Manager Position.

  1. Your most recent resumé/CV
  2. A copy of your portfolio, which should contain some sample code of any project you’ve written, with a brief explanation of said project.
  1. Perform ‘pre-marketing work’, including:
    1. Market analysis and research on competition
    2. Market analysis and research on potential targets
    3. Work with us to come up with a marketing strategy that is suitable to what we do
  2. Generate and execute marketing campaigns
    1. Based on the above research and strategy, establish and execute campaigns according to the proposed timelines. Campaigns may range from digital to physical – e.g., fully-online campaigns to boost a product, arranging for talks and seminars as well as events/conferences, designing and planning for exhibitions and displays.
    2. Identify appropriate distribution channels as needed, including working with social media such as Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn. Establish additional and relevant marketing channels as needed based on each campaign.
    3. Publish content to our channels regularly and assist with increasing our audience, thus allowing knowledge of our work to disseminate.
    4. Work on our website, Google Analytics, and WordPress to optimise our SEO, content, and copywriting.
    5. Collect quantitative and qualitative data from above campaigns and review on their effectiveness.
    6. Work with sales to convert a portion of marketing into revenue, JVs, or outreach.
  3. Continuously update marketing strategy, data, etc.
    1. Based on the above data, continue to revamp what is best for ADI’s marketing strategy
  1. Excellent knowledge of current social media trends and how to best use them to gain attention, including on platforms such as Instagram and Reddit.
  2. Great at generating unique, interesting campaigns, and ensuring that execution of said campaigns go well.
  3. Strong ideas and initiative about nontraditional marketing. Solid understanding of existing and different marketing techniques, and ability to discern and apply only relevant strategies to our work.
  4. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  5. Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office suite of products; familiarity with Adobe Suite is a plus.
  6. Passion for creative marketing and its best practices
  7. Existing experience and relevant portfolio.