Project Manager

Posted on 28/12/20

As a Project Manager with us, you’ll be in charge of overseeing our projects and ensuring that all requirements are met and that the project is delivered on time. You’ll plan, budget, oversee, and document all aspects of what we’re working on. You’ll make sure we keep to task and within scope, remind us of the requirements listed, and keep us all on track with the timeline and budget.

Project Managers are essential to us – without you, the projects collapse. We’re looking for someone who’s dexterous and agile in fast-moving environments, who can balance having a wide variety of tasks and keep on top of them, who can push and motivate the team to do their best in a system they create to manage assigned projects. We’re looking for someone who can work well under pressure, and who can keep a cool head during emergencies in order to make sure things still flow smoothly. Most importantly, we’re looking for someone who can grow with us, who can continue to learn and improve and push themselves.

To Apply:

Please send the following materials to [email protected] (Evelyn Goh) with the title Application to Project Manager Position.

  1. Your most recent resumé/CV
  2. A copy of your portfolio, which should contain some sample code of any project you’ve written, with a brief explanation of said project.
  1. Interact with project stakeholders, whether internal or external
    1. Internal stakeholders include team members, team leads, SG&A colleagues
    2. External stakeholders include clients and clients’ team, vendors and suppliers, other teams we are working with simultaneously such as lawyers, medical professionals, and other experts relevant to the projects. External stakeholders will differ from project to project.
  2. Manage moving project parts
    1. Project scope: ensure that we fulfil the scope of the project given to us, that our deliverables fulfil all requirements given
    2. Project timeline: ensure that the project is kept to the internal timeline that is set, and that deliverables are handed over to the client on time, as per the milestones agreed upon
    3. Project budget: gather and maintain a project Bill of Materials for handover to the client at the end of the project. Ensure that we keep to our internal budget for the project but optimise our quality within the given budget.
    4. Team relations and motivation: keep the team motivated and excited about the projects they are working on, and at the same time keep the team on time. Facilitate design freezes and keep the project moving forward so that the team doesn’t linger on one phase too long.
  3. Manage multiple projects at the same time
    1. We will handle anywhere from 4 – 6 medium-sized projects every month, all of which have different timelines, teams, and budgets.
    2. Oftentimes, clients have additional smaller requests that turn into side projects that also need to be completed.
    3. Sometimes, we also get clients that come to us for consultation, R&D, quick and dirty market testing, etc. – we will also coordinate all of this
  1. Leadership skills: we ask that you keep your employees motivated, resolve conflicts, and know how to make difficult decisions.
  2. Time Management: you’ll be working with employees, customers, and management, often spinning multiple plates and handling multiple tasks and people at once.
  3. Budgeting skills: Project Managers are expected to keep and maintain a budget for the projects and ensure you know where your assigned budget is going.
  4. Analytical skills: solve problems, analyse data and make decisions that affect the direction of the project on a regular basis
  5. Crisis Management: you keep a cool head during any emergency situations, and you organise and resolve the issue to the best of your abilities to ensure minimal disruptions to projects
  1. Experience with product design and development
  2. Experience with manufacturing, ISO standards, other relevant standards
  3. Experience with vendor and supplier management
  4. Experience in leading teams and ensuring that teams are on time, within budget