Sales & Accounts Manager

Posted on 28/12/20

Find and transform leads into genuine projects that can change the world.

To Apply:

Please send the following materials to [email protected] (Evelyn Goh) with the title Application to Project Manager Position.

  1. Your most recent resumé/CV
  2. A copy of your portfolio, which should contain some sample code of any project you’ve written, with a brief explanation of said project.

As a salesperson with us, we’ll ask you to find and transform leads into genuine projects that can change the world. We’ll ask that you’re armed with extensive knowledge of our modules, methods, functions, and services, and use this armoury of skills to help both us and potential clients.

You’ll be responsible for selecting which potential projects we can bring to life and make successful. Your role is the first step in evaluating which products we can spend time on, and potentially revolutionise the industry with.

Our sales process generally requires you to carry out the following:

  1. Interact with clients during all pre-sales meetings, answer relevant questions as much as possible, and convey any questions you can’t answer back to us. Deliver presentations to clients on who we are and what we offer. Understand client’s core requirements. Explain how we might be able to help them, and how we differ from others. Travel to meet clients or meet clients at our office.
  2. acilitate viability meetings with the team, to ascertain if these projects are something we can undertake. During these meetings, the goal is to produce a proposal outline to be sent to the client.
  3. Be familiar with our skills and costing menu, and based on personal judgement and confidence, produce a quote that is viable for us and for the client.
  4. Able to justify our quotes and pricing to client; able to defend our proposals, pathways, and decisions moving forward. Defend the team’s work, and request appropriate compensation for work offered/done.
  5. Manage clients’ expectations and demands during the pre-sales process; be understanding, but firm on what we can offer. Understand where our boundaries lie; what projects we can and cannot take up; what demands we can and cannot fulfil.
  6. Assist in writing up proposals, including costing, timeline, terms of engagement, etc.
  7. Verify said proposals with the team to ensure the pathway is something we can support, and the deliverables are things we can give.
  8. Assist clients with any potential issues during the pre-sales process.
  9. Continue updating themselves with engineering and sales education; understand and be able to talk about the latest technologies. Have frequent retraining if need be.
  10. Communicate all needs, comments, and feedback to the team.
  1. Sales experience preferred, but we will provide on-the-job training. Please do not let a lack of experience deter you from applying – we love new talent that we can train!
  2. Strong interpersonal skills: ability to empathise with clients’ needs and yet still be firm enough to draw necessary boundaries if need be. Communicate effectively with other members of our team.
  3. Problem-solving skills: listen to potential clients’ desires and concerns and be able to compose and recommend solutions/suggestions.
  4. Self-confidence, persuasive skills, empathy and understanding
  5. Technological knowledge: strong grasp of foundational science, engineering, and technological concepts and skills. Able to understand clients’ work and how to relate it to ours. Able to explain the extent and capabilities of our work.
  6. A willingness to socialise and interact with clients outside of usual hours – for instance, for dinners, CRM, events, etc. Extent can be negotiated, as we do recognise that work-life balance is very important!